Memphis Pets Alive!

MPA! formed in February 2013 after several animal welfare advocates recognized an immediate need to unite against the growing crisis of homeless pets in Memphis and the high euthanasia rate at the city’s open intake shelter. This mission is accomplished through a variety of community and volunteer-driven initiatives such as Wag Along Tuesday, which helps network the animals housed at Memphis Animal Services and increases adoption/rescue rates and return-to-owner successes, a positive alternative to shelter surrender (PASS) program to help the public, a partnership with PetSmart to maintain a cat habitat, educational public meetings and low-cost options for animal welfare.

The MPA! Tuesday night photo event Wag Along Tuesday is designed to make the public aware of animals available for adoption—to take appealing photos that highlight the pet’s personality, give them character or showcase something special that might grab the viewer and say, “I’m worth adopting!” because the stigma against shelter pets ranges from “They’re all sick and medically unfit,” to “It’s just pit bulls and throw-away dogs/cats no one wants.” Was Along Tuesday began in March of 2013 when several volunteers went to the shelter to take photos. They met a sweet girl who came to be known as Tuesday. They were warned by staff not to post her until her "review date.” (Review date is the day she would be available for adoption.)  Early the morning of her “review date” we posted her picture at 8:00am.  She looked a little underweight but she was beautiful and full of life. She was playful and happy.  Maybe someone would see her sweet face and adopt her? We called to check on her the minute the shelter opened.  They said:  “Euthanized.” We named her “Tuesday” and have photographed the animals at the Memphis shelter in her honor for over 288 Tuesdays in a row. She is our inspiration and has helped save hundreds of animals at the Memphis shelter. Her legacy continues.  Join us at Wag Along Tuesday every Tuesday evening at 5:30pm at Memphis Animal Services.


PASS is a free community service provided by Memphis Pets Alive! (MPA!) to help people help their pets stay in their current home or find a new home if needed. It offers a pet food/supply pantry to help owners feed their pet during financially difficult times rather than give up their pet. This is especially important when people are faced with the impossible decision of whether they are going to feed their pet or themselves, handle a medical bill or pay the electric bill, etc., and in turn believe the only choice they have is to give up their pet.

Other PASS benefits include low-cost micro-chip clinics; assistance with trap-neuter-release efforts for feral or community cats; advice on re-homing a pet when it’s about more than just a basic donation of food or supplies; and other support measures as needed to prevent an owner from surrendering their pet to a shelter. The people involved are volunteers that have a shared passion to ensure companion animals in our community are given every opportunity to find or stay with their perfect family or community and not die homeless in a shelter.