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If you rent: Memphis Pets Alive! will confirm pet allowance with rental property managers before placement of a foster pet. If you do not have the information requested below immediately available, you may continue with or submit your application but it will need to be verified when we speak to you by phone or email.
By agreeing to foster in partnership with Memphis Pets Alive! (MPA!) I agree to the following: Pet's Health and Disposition Memphis Pets Alive! cannot guarantee the health or disposition of any foster pet. Many of Memphis Pets Alive!'s pets come from local shelters and past medical records and history are rarely available. Because of this, Foster Caregiver's must understand that there may be risks associated with taking in foster pet and Memphis Pets Alive! cannot guarantee the health or disposition of any pet. I agree that my pets will be current on all shots and my foster pet(s) will be kept isolated from my family pets for a minimum of 7-10 days for the protection of all animals. I agree that Memphis Pets Alive! has permission to contact my veterinarian to verify that my pets are current on all shots and spayed/neutered. I agree to be fully responsible for the safety and well being of my foster pet(s). I will provide a safe, loving, humane environment with adequate food water and shelter at all times. I agree that my foster cat(s) will be kept strictly indoors. I will not declaw, crop ears, or crop tail of my fostered pet. I will adhere to all state and local animal laws. I will promptly notify Memphis Pets Alive! immediately of any signs of illness, behavioral issues or concerns, an inability to continue to foster, or if the pet becomes lost. I agree to provide access to my home/property for authorized representatives of Memphis Pets Alive! concerning welfare/safety updates on my foster pet at any time while I am in possession of my foster pet. I understand that all medical expenses associated with the pet I am fostering must be approved in advance. All veterinary expenses will be covered by Memphis Pets Alive! All general expenses will be covered by Memphis Pets Alive! if I am unable to pay them. Memphis Pets Alive! appreciates any willingness to donate food, litter, and other supplies. Transfer of Animals Pets cannot be transferred to the custody of another person, shelter, humane society, SPCA, or other entity without prior consent and written permission of Memphis Pets Alive! I agree to not place this pet in another home without verbal and written authorization from Memphis Pets Alive!, whether it be temporary or permanent. I understand and agree that should I decide to adopt the animal I am fostering, I will be required to contact Memphis Pets Alive! and complete the formal adoption procedure. Fostering of an animal does not guarantee my approval for adoption. Return of Animals All pets in the Memphis Pets Alive! foster program are the property of Memphis Pets Alive! and must be returned within 24 hours of request. I agree that I am fostering this pet for Memphis Pets Alive! and that I do not have any right of ownership over my foster animal. I agree that the rights of Memphis Pets Alive ! supersede my own with regard to the foster pet in my care . Personal or Property Damage and/or Injury Memphis Pets Alive! will not be held responsible if a foster pet should damage or destroy property belonging to Foster Caregiver, Foster Caregiver's household, or others, or if the animal shall transfer any disease, internal or external parasites to other animals and people in Foster Caregiver's household. I agree that accidental animal bites or other injuries to humans and other animals do occur. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify, protecting Memphis Pets Alive! from any claim or suit filed by someone as a result of such incident. Acknowledgement I understand that if I am approved for fostering, this declaration represents a legal contract between me as the foster home caregiver and Memphis Pets Alive!. I understand that if I am approved to foster a pet, I must abide by this agreement and that this agreement applies to any and all pets that I foster with Memphis Pets Alive!. Accuracy of Information By signing below, I acknowledge that the information provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. If at any time the information I have provided changes, I will immediately provide updated information to the Memphis Pets Alive! by speaking with an authorized representative or providing the changes in writing via email ( Please sign in the box below and type your name on the following line. This will act as your signature and indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms.