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Dog Foster Application

What is a Foster Home?

A foster home is a temporary living situation for dogs in our program while they are awaiting placement in a permanent home or to move into one of our overnight adoption programs.  Foster families provide shelter, food, care and love. The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their homes and hearts to foster them.

Why Foster?

Because many of our dogs cannot go directly into one of our overnight adoption programs, the only way that we can save these animals is with the help of foster homes. Our young puppies need to stay in foster until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered, at which time they are ready for adoption.  Older pets who are ill or injured may need to stay in foster care until they are well enough for adoption.

In some cases, a foster home is needed to help an animal transition from the stress of having been abandoned at a shelter.  For some dogs, they will need to stay in a foster home until they are adopted.

Being a pet foster family has rewards beyond the essential value of helping a pet in need find a new home. For some, it is a chance to have an animal companion without a lifetime commitment, or to try new companions for an existing pet. For others, it is the special challenge of helping an animal recover from an illness or injury, the trauma of losing a beloved owner or home, or to overcome a behavioral issue. 

What does this mean for me?

As a foster parent, you would temporarily take an animal into your home and give us a character assessment of the animal. MPA! pays for needed medical attention - food and supplies if needed.  If the animal is not house trained, we hope that you will do some training to help make the pet more adoptable. Most of the animals will be coming from shelters. We ask that you be patient with them and try to help them transition to their new roles as “homeless pet” in any way needed. Help us try to figure out what they need to move forward and together we can make it happen. MPA! will be with you every step of the way.

What are my responsibilities as a foster family?

  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment

  • Provide food, water, toys/enrichment, and shelter

  • Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate

  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems

  • Transport to/from any necessary vet appointments

  • Transport to/from offsite adoption events

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Fostered Dog Information
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I certify that the information provided herein is true and correct. I agree to care for this foster animal in a humane and responsible manner and to provide the foster animal with sufficient shelter, water, and food on a daily basis. In addition, provide I agree to administer heartworm preventative every 30 days without fail and provide flea and tick medicines as designed and provided by Memphis Pets Alive!. I acknowledge that ownership of this foster animal shall remain with Memphis Pets Alive! until such time as a proper adoption in completed. No foster animal may be adopted, transferred, or relinquished without written approval by an authorized representative of Memphis Pets Alive! I agree to keep the dog in my foster care strictly indoors. I agree to notify Memphis Pets Alive! as soon as possible of any change in the status of either the animal in my care or the foster home environment described above, and to immediately notify Memphis Pets Alive! in the event the foster animal is injured or missing or in need of veterinary care. I understand that all medical expenses associated with the animal I am fostering must be approved in advance. All approved veterinary care is covered by Memphis Pets Alive! All general expenses will be covered by Memphis Pets Alive! if the foster home is unable to pay them. Memphis Pets Alive! appreciates any willingness to donate basics such as pet food. I agree to be helpful and to cooperate with Memphis Pets Alive! in showing the foster animal to potential adopters and in transporting the animal to and from Memphis Pets Alive! pet adoption events. I understand and agree that only designated Memphis Pets Alive! representatives have authority to approve and place rescued animals into foster or permanent homes, and that only authorized representatives of Memphis Pets Alive! will conduct interviews and home visits and make adoption placement decisions. I understand and agree that, should I decide I would like to adopt the animal I am fostering, I will be required to contact the rescue group and complete the adoption application procedure. I understand that fostering the animal does not guarantee approval for adoption. I understand that Memphis Pets Alive! cannot guarantee the health, temperament, or training of the animal I am fostering. I, hereby for myself, heirs, administrators and assigns, fully, irrevocably, and unconditionally release and agree to hold harmless Memphis Pets Alive! and its individual members from any and all known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, suspected on unsuspected and/or fixed, conditional or contingent, actions, causes of action, charges, suits, debts, demands, claims, contracts, covenants, liens, including but not limited to any medical costs, damages to property, persons or other pets, or every kind, nature and description, at law or in equity, in connection with or arising from while I am caring for the agreed rescue animal. Please sign in the box below and type your name on the following line. This will act as your signature and indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms.
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